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Illuminating & Strengthening Eye and Mouth Area Cream Day/Night SPF 20

A special complex of AHA acids with exfoliative effect, stimulates the cell renewal process, visibly smoothing the skin and balancing its color. The innovative form of vitamin C, with a strong revitalizing action, reduces existing discoloration, restoring the look’s natural radiance. LIPO-FILLER, which, by stimulating the process of subcutaneous fat tissue synthesis, reduces the depth and the number of wrinkles.
$84.55 excluding shipping

Advanced Illuminating Day Serum

Special complex of AHA acids, guarantees the effect of the first level of renewal - revitalization. Its exfoliative action on the stratum corneum, visibly balances skin coloration as well as smoothes the skin. The advanced form of vitamin C, effectively reduces the existing discoloration, giving the skin a uniform color.
$84.55 excluding shipping


BB Formula SPF 50 complex peptide cream combines the features of a skin care cream and a fluid of a very delicate consistency. With a single gesture it provides optimal care to the skin of the face, beautifies and protects it. Carefully selected composition of pigments evens out the skin tone, covers imperfections and fine wrinkles, giving the face young, radiant looks.


Corrective face cream combines the benefits of an active substance (discoloration, dark circles under the eyes, dilated capillaries, scars). Thanks to optimally selected pigments, it naturally adapts to the color and structure of the skin without causing a mask effect. The perfect makeup effect is up to 12 hours. Hyaluronic acid restores and smoothes the skin. Its action strengthens the candelilla wax, protecting it from excessive water loss. An additional extractor with a blade to protect against the harmful effects of free radicals.
$71.25 excluding shipping

OXY-ENERGY Q10 & Antioxidants

The oxygenating concentrate Q10 & Antioxidants was created based on advanced technology inspired by breakthrough scientific achievements in the field of skin cell protection. It is a concentrated dose of active substances that, penetrating deep into the skin, supports the basic life processes of cells. In addition to the strong antioxidant effect, it gives the skin a stimulating effect, stimulating it to natural regeneration. The main component of this technology is Coenzyme Q10, considered the most powerful factor that protects the cell from chemically active forms of oxygen (free radical scavenger). Stimulates cellular respiration and effectively improves the skin's metabolic changes, protecting cellular structures against hypoxia and damage. In combination with a complex complex of innovative antioxidants, it additionally supports the skin detoxification process. By stimulating skin regeneration, they have a "rejuvenating" effect.
$94.05 excluding shipping