Protection of couperose skin
Couperose skin is a type of skin whose blood vessels are very shallow.
Longing for the summer - cosmetics with a holiday scent
In winter, there are lower temperatures, snow, rain and it gets dark too quickly. This causes our thoughts to flee for sunny holidays. In order not to fall into a winter blizzard, it's worth catching a variety of ways. Some people like to introduce "hygge" atmosphere to their home and life, and others reach for what reminds them of summer. Such things can definitely include skin cosmetics that distinguish exotic fragrances.
Japanese inspiration in skin care
The secret of women from the Asian countries are Japanese ways for a beautiful complexion, which include a comprehensive approach to this topic. Life style is of great importance here, but also the quality of cosmetics used, as well as a properly composed diet. It's worth taking a closer look at what Japanese face care looks like and what you can do to adapt these methods to your own needs.
Professional skin care at home
Who said professional face care is only possible in beauty salons and spa salons?