Brands that still test on animal
Brands that still test on animal
Have you ever wondered, how deep the skin care products reach after apply them?

Have you ever wondered, how deep the skin care products reach after apply them?

In search of an ever newer product, the active substance, we forget that, in fact, a small amount is able to get into the dermis. Even if research in vitro show us this ingredients as active, this does not mean that when we apply it to our skin they will do it.

The skin consists of 3 main layers

1. EPIDERMIS - this additionally consists of 4-5 layers (depends on the place on the body) and the one we see is the outermost layer called the stratum corneum. This part is already dead. Most of your cosmetics stop at this "dead part". And don't think now that if it's dead it's bad. It is a protective barrier, it helps your skin function properly.
2. ERMDERMIS (dermis) consists of elastin and collagen fibers, among others. 85-90% is collagen type I, 8-11% type III, 2-4% type V.

In fact, few cosmetics are able to reach the dermis, but they can do so, among others:
-vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid when it is at a low enough pH
-acids with very low ph
- some preservatives.

If you see changes after 1, 2 or 3 uses, the cosmetic has acted on the epidermis. Acids such as AHA or PHA or vitamin C do it perfectly.
Changes in the dermis, the production of new collagen we see at the earliest after half a year, often even after a year.

New technologies such as encapsulation, liposomes allow to overcome stratum corneum, but the component remains in the epidermis

More recent research after 2015 suggest that cells from the epidermis can communicate with cells from the dermis and this can lead to the production of new collagen by fibroblasts (via the received signal). However, not too many substances can do it. Such ingredients potentially include hyaluronic acid with smaller molecules, peptides, and growth factors.

Among the best
When reflecting on the subject of luxury, it is worth recalling that Dr Irena Eris is the only Polish brand to be accepted as one of the European members of Comité Colbert. COMITÉ COLBERT is the oldest, founded in 1954 by Jean-Jacques Guerlain, organization which affiliates the best French companies and institutions synonymous with the concept of luxury. The values followed by the association are: the creative process, communication, respect for consumers, impeccable service and beautiful design of the product. Its members include among others Cartier, Chanel, Dior, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Louvre or the Ritz Hotel. In 2011 for the first time the club accepted non-French brands from Europe. Currently, Comité Colbert affiliates 81 luxury brands and 14 cultural institutions, including Dr Irena Eris as the only Polish brand. It was recognized for having international ambitions, innovation, ethics and high quality products, but also for its values and communication language.
What to eat
Michael Pollan’s golden rule says: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” We may also add — and cook it yourself.
Skin care facts and myths - Part II
Did you hear that you should switch up your face cream frequently because your skin is getting used to it? We often unconsciously live by such commonly repeated words of wisdom, without even thinking whether there is any evidence to support them. There are many unverified theories concerning body care which are repeated by generations and have nothing to do with reality. Therefore, you should always check the facts and get to know specialists’ opinions to make sure that you’re using your beauty products safely and effectively.
Skin care facts & myths
Wide selection of beauty care products that can be found on the shelves requires us to have at least the basic knowledge about their ingredients and effects. At times, however, we find ourselves in situations in which we are guided by not sufficiently verified convictions. But wrongfully repeated popular opinions shouldn’t replace data confirmed by scientific research. Make sure you know the facts and say goodbye to doubts – here are the facts as verified by experts.
Treat yourself ;)
You are unique and special, and your needs are of the utmost importance. Treat yourself to an individual skin care program. Create it just for yourself, the way you like it.
Pure pleasure
Natural beauty needs proper care. Your daily face cleansing routine is fundamental for the condition of our skin. Creamy oleogels work the best. Make sure your daily routine is supported by soothing, nourishing, and deeply moisturizing substances.
Moisturizing the skin.
Moisturizing the skin. It is worth remembering that dry skin is not something that can be ignored. You must act, and you have to do it comprehensively. Hyaluronic acid, vitamin B3, also known as niacin, and plant extracts will be our ally in this fight. The basis will therefore be a body lotion in which we will find such ingredients.
Reduction of puffiness under the eyes

Very often related to them are unsightly bags under the eyes. Sometimes, however, you do not need life at run or events for swelling to appear. Sometimes it is a natural tendency of the body, its reaction to a too hot bath or gentle dehydration, of which we do not even realize. Fortunately, this is not a permanent state. In most cases, a good eye cream will manage, as well as simple habits changes in everyday life.

Swelling and dark circles under the eyes - causes
For many people this is something known. Like a sleepless night, we wake up rested, and yet the face looks as if sleep was less than an hour, and the previous week was a marathon of presentations, reports and reports at work. Sometimes it really is. Chronic stress, poor diet, not enough sleep and flooding hunger with liters of coffee, and cigarettes can quickly contribute to swelling. These usually also have to do with water retention. There can be several reasons: too much salt in your daily diet, but also simply not eating enough water. Dark circles under the eyes, in turn, are the bane of people who actually suffer from chronic fatigue and sleep deprivation. Interestingly, also the work associated with spending many hours in front of the computer can affect the appearance of the skin around the eyes. Although this is usually an aesthetic problem, it should not be ignored. If creams or minor changes have no effect, it will be worth doing basic tests to exclude e.g. thyroid or kidney disease. It is certain that underestimating the shadows or swelling can accelerate the aging process of the skin, and the effect will be wrinkles under the eyes.

What about swelling under the eyes?
It is worth choosing cosmetics intended mainly for this zone. A good eye cream will be a good solution because it has a slightly different composition than creams for the whole face. It is more concentrated and has a lighter texture so that it is quickly absorbed and does not burden the softer skin under the eyes. Eye creams often have anti-swelling and soothing substances in their composition. They also reduce signs of fatigue, give the skin energy and moisturize and firm the skin. A brightening eye cream may also be a good idea. This is often an additional function of such a cosmetic, which provides an immediate rejuvenation and brightening effect on the skin around the eyes. An interesting solution is the Dr Irena Eris Moisturizing and Soothing Cream. It is a highly moisturizing eye cream that can also be successfully used around the lips, where the skin has a similar structure. Provides multi-level hydration and comprehensive care. An additional advantage is the protection of sensitive skin. The special combination of ingredients prevents dehydration of the epidermis, while the presence of vitamins A, D, E and minerals supports its natural defensive functions. Because it is a cream for swollen eyes, there is micronized diosmin and rosmarinic acid. These substances affect the tightness of blood vessels and strengthen them. Thanks to this, they reduce the risk of bruising or bags around the eyes, which are the reaction of blood vessels to external and internal factors. The sun filter additionally protects the skin against UV radiation.