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FIJI Nourishing Nectar-Balm

The Nourishing Nectar-Balm is an unforgettable treatment for your skin and senses. The balm is enriched with the extract of the unique bird-of-paradise flower which restores seductive smoothness, softness and suppleness to the skin. Thanks to its outstanding properties, the extract stimulates toxin removal from the skin and prevents premature ageing. The optimum blend of beneficial waxes delivers extra nourishment and hydration. The balm is convenient to use: it is easy to apply and absorbs quickly. It leaves the skin smooth, soft and delicate already after the first application.

FIJI Smoothing Body Scrub

Stimulate your senses with the smoothing scrub and enjoy the perfect smoothness and delightful softness of your skin. The peeling particles contained in the scrub cleanse the skin, while the soothing extract of the unique bird-of-paradise flower provides the necessary moisture. Let the tropical cleansing ritual leave you energized and refreshed for a long time.

MAURITIUS Tropical Nourishing Body

The power of active ingredients: avocado oil, carrot seed oil, vitamins C and E. Velvety smooth and perfectly nourished skin. Pamper your senses and indulge your skin in marvelous moisture and regeneration offered by Tropical nourishing body oil. Its lightweight formula provides superb application and quick absorption. Its compelling fragrance will take you to idyllic beaches of Mauritius, leaving your skin enveloped in a scent of mango combined with fresh citrus notes for a long time. Avocado and carrot seed oil will nurture your body with their nourishing power. Vitamins C and E in the body oil prolong the youthful and healthy look of silky smooth skin.

MAURITIUS Moisturizing Gel-Balm For Body With Exotic Orange Essence

The power of active ingredients: nourishing mango wax, exotic orange essence, hyaluronic acid, vitamin B3. Optimally moisturized and wonderfully relaxed skin, that will delight with velvety smoothness. Experience wonderful lightweight body balm, whose exotic fruit fragrance will take you to fabulous beaches of Mauritius surrounded by azure ocean depths. Mango wax nourishes your skin leaving it irresistible, silky smooth and sensual soft. An exceptionally effective combination of hyaluronic acid and beneficial vitamin B3 provides your skin with optimal hydration and instantaneous regeneration.

TAHITI Brightening Lotion Enchanting Body And Senses

Orchid & Tahitian pearl extracts, hyaluronic acid, brightening particles. Skin hydration and smoothing, golden radiance. Go on an unforgettable journey to the paradise of happiness and envelop your body with a delicate lotion. Its innovative moisturizing formula rich in hyaluronic acid and orchid extract will quench your skin’s thirst, while selected components extracted from Tahitian pearls combined with Shea butter will leave your skin perfectly smooth and nourished.

TAHITI Subtropical Self-Tanning Lotion

Orchid & Tahitian pearl extracts, tanning complex. Beautiful colour, subtle tan. Feel the sun and warmth of the heated beaches on the tropical coast of the Island of Tahiti. Enjoy a subtle, golden and bright tan without the need to expose your skin to UV rays. Respond to the needs of your skin and let it absorb the magical aura of the lotion daily to give your body a delightful sun-kissed glow in just two days.

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