The innovative formulation formula is based on the innovative Triple-R-System technology - Revitalization, Regeneration and Illumination, which provides complete skin renewal.

I. REVITALIZATION AHA's special complex of acids enclosed in multilayered lamellar structures. It has exfoliation properties, thanks to which, gradually penetrating the stratum corneum of the skin, it stimulates the process of natural cell renewal. As a result, it smoothes and firms the skin.
II. REGENERATION Innovative hexapeptide - which penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, activates the natural mechanisms of repairing DNA damage. It can affect the rejuvenation of skin cells by up to 11 years, by making the wrinkles shallow and improving the cross-linking of the skin.
III. ILLUMINATING The advanced form of vitamin C - thanks to its unique properties, limits the synthesis of melanin. As a result, it effectively reduces existing discoloration and gives the skin a uniform color. Thanks to the reconstruction of skin structures, it regains its natural glow and becomes visibly radiant and radiant.