Dr Irena Eris Fortessimo is a unique line of nursing and regenerating  cosmetics recommended for mature skin over 45 age created as a result of lengthy and detailed research using the latest scientific achievements of world's cosmetology. Fortessimo corrects the effects of hormones deficit in the skin and long-term cumulative processes of aging.


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Moisturizing-Regenerating Eye And Eyelid Cream

A gentle, fragrance-free formula is intended for a daily care of the gentle skin around the eyes. High content of retinol accelerates the skin’s metabolism. The anti-wrinkle activity of the cream is enhanced by vitamin E and C and the oil extracted from Rosa Mosqueta. The cream leaves the skin hydrated and elastic. It visibly reduces wrinkles. When used systematically, it helps to improve the tone of the skin, reduce eye shadows and puffiness.

Lifting-Moisturizing Cream - Day Cream

The cream contains the active complex Nutrilagen™ which activates and stimulates the skin’s defence and repair mechanisms that weaken with age. Due to the presence of special bioabsorbent moisturizing substances, the cream helps to restore the skin’s natural moisture balance, even in the deeper layers of the skin. Used daily, the cream improves smoothness and firmness of the skin and visibly reduces wrinkles. Recommended as a day cream for daily care of mature skin. Perfect base for make-up.

Anti-Wrinkle Triple Action - Night Cream

An innovative formula of the cream stimulates the processes of building and renewal of the skin’s cells affected by aging. It remarkably reduces the number of wrinkles, retexturises uneven surface and restores firmness of the mature skin. The cream contains Trigenium WRF™ - a clinically developed and innovative complex of ingredients that demonstrate a synergic three-level stimulating and anti-wrinkle action*: Vitamin E – restores the proper function of the skin cells which lie dormant due to ageing; Retinol – stimulates the formation of new skin’s cells. Folacin – is a supplier of the material needed to rebuild DNA and RNA in the skin’s cells. It is an intensively regenerating night cream intended for a daily facial care.

Firming Cream For Neck And Neckline

The component which effectively enhances the action of the cream is Lactisystem Q10™. It is a highly active firming complex which contains easily bio-available coenzyme Q10, plant collagen, gentle almond oil and deeply hydrating ingredients. Coenzyme Q10 neutralizes free radicals responsible for the degradation of cells, aging and the general, poor condition of the skin. Active micro-particles help transport Lactisystem Q10™ complex into the skin cells. All this boosts the cell’s energy to stimulate the skin’s natural metabolism weakened by the aging processes, especially in persons over 45 years of age. The skin becomes visibly elastic and is protected against sagging. Recommended for daily care for the neck and neckline.