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Global Transforming Skin Serum for Night

Global Transforming Skin Serum for Night use is a profound treatment for the skin which needs instant total regeneration, nourishment and revitalization. The ultraVITfactor complex composed of a unique blend of active ingredients essential for effective skin renewal helps to enhance the skin tone and instantly imparts a refreshed (96%*) and well-rested (89%*) appearance to the complexion. The serum restores comfort and has a soothing effect on the skin (89%*). It revitalizes and regenerates the skin, ensuring its optimum hydration (89%*). A spectacular rejuvenating effect (the appearance of wrinkles reduced by up to 37%*) is produced by active collagen which gives the skin the necessary inner support to restore suppleness, elasticity (81%*) and tightness (85%*). *Tests carried out at the In Vivo Research Laboratory of Dr Irena Eris Centre for Science and Research.

Even Tone Skin Enhancer SPF 50+

Even Tone Skin Enhancer SPF 50+ offers an unrivaled combination of advanced skin conditioning, excellent skin tone enhancing properties, and a very high level of protection from solar radiation and harmful external factors. The cream makes skin smoother and more elastic (89%*). The innovative patent-protected complex TiErgoTion strengthens the structure and stimulates the growth and regeneration of the epidermis. The cream shows RPF at very high level, RADICAL PROTECTION FACTOR = 1,5×1021. A unique blend of advanced UVA/UVB filters (SPF 50+) protects sensitive skin prone to discoloration and promotes its regeneration. The weightless cream formula containing delicate pigments which adapt to the skin evens out the skin tone (improvement by 81%*), giving you a flawless, radiant and natural-looking complexion. This is the perfect product for women looking for a comprehensive solution for their morning make-up.