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HAWAII Nectar hand cream

Lotus flower, water lily and bamboo complex. Deep moisture, strong regeneration and protection. Let your hands feel the joy of moisture flowing from the nectar of exotic flowers of lotus, water lily and bamboo. Avocado oil will deeply nourish your skin and provide a delicate protective film. Special liposomes will regenerate and additionally protect the skin of your hands from photoageing.

HAWAII Paradise Moisturizing Body Balm

Corn extract, olive wax. Intensive moisture, firming and smoothing. Offer your skin a heavenly bliss immersed in velvet balm that will intensively moisturize and nourish your body. Carefully selected compounds extracted from corn will restore the natural firmness and elasticity to your skin while the olive wax will give it a perfectly smooth feeling.

HAWAII Polynesian Body Scrub

Exotic plant nectar, avocado extract. Gentle peeling, smoothing and firming. Discover the secrets of Polynesian beauty cleansing and pamper your skin with the sensuous essence of this body scrub. Fine peeling particles gently refresh and cleanse your skin while the exotic nectar of bamboo, lotus and water lily leaves your skin feeling velvety smooth and moisturized for long.

JAPAN Silky Moisturizing Body Balm

Cherry extract, peach and shea butter. Hydration, nourishment, relaxation. Wrap your body in this velvety lotion with a delicate and sensuous fragrance that will soothe your senses and take you on an imaginary journey to the remote and mystic land of cherry blossoms. Let the cherry extract rich in vitamin C nourish and smooth out your skin, imparting to it a silky radiance. Respond to the needs of your skin and pamper it with intense hydration provided by oils extracted.

JAPAN Firming Body Serum With Shiny Dust

Cherry and ginger extracts, rice oil extract, vit. E, shiny dust. Ffirming, beautiful skin tone, relaxation. Experience the magic of the Japanese spa and let your body sink into relaxation and oblivion. This delicate textured serum wraps your body in the softness of silk, and its subtle fragrance imparts a good mood. The beneficial effects of the Japanese aura combine with the intense effect of active ingredients to restore optimum skin moisture and lipid levels, leaving your skin firm, tight and elastic.

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