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Enzyme Peel For Dry And Sensitive Skin

The peel is recommended for cleansing dry skins, including delicate and sensitive skin, from the unwanted layer of dead skin cells. Thanks to the papain it contains, the peel exfoliates dead cornified skin cells gently yet effectively (82%*) without any need to rub on the skin, and leaves the complexion looking healthy and rejuvenated (93%*). It makes the skin refreshed and soft to the touch (89%*). A unique blend of golden and blue algae extracts, high concentrations of B vitamins and highly hygroscopic molecules intensely regenerates the skin and leaves it smooth (93%) and supple. The peel optimizes skin physiological processes and the penetration of active substances from skin care products deep into the skin.

Face and Eye Make-Up Removing Milk For All Skin Types

This extra-mild product gently removes make-up and other impurities from the face and eye area without the risk of irritation. The unique oil fraction of the golden algae, olive wax with its low molecular weight, and biocompatible cocoa butter contained in the milk have nourishing and moisturizing properties.

Micellar Solution for Face and Eye Make-Up Removal For All Skin Types

Thanks to its innovative, light and oil-free formula based on the micellar structure, the solution gently yet effectively removes any make-up residues. It is formulated with oligoelements, biomimetic Simmondsia chinensis seed wax and modified glucose compound with rehydrating properties which improve moisture levels in the skin around the eyes, bring immediate comfort and leave the skin smooth and soft to the touch.