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Ultimate UP-LIFT Eye Treatment

Ultimate UP-LIFT Eye Treatment is an advanced skin care product which owes its outstanding effectiveness to a synergy between state-of-the-art technology and a modern targeted application solution.

Precise Face Sculptor & Wrinkle Filler

The spectacular FACE SCULPTING ritual accelerates and enhances the effect of Precise Face Sculptor and Wrinkle Filler thanks to the revolutionary magnetic massager. Precise Face Sculptor and Wrinkle Filler delivers multi-layer skin hydration and instant smoothness (80%*). An innovative small-molecule peptide containing a unique amino-acid sequence which is capable of penetrating to the deep skin layers stimulates collagen synthesis in fibroblasts, actively reducing wrinkles in terms of volume (by up to 32%*), and enhancing skin elasticity and tightness (75%*). Hyaluronic acid contained in the product significantly reduces moisture loss and delivers immediate hydration to the upper skin layers. Rosemary leaf extract with unique protective properties is encapsulated in innovative carriers: the so-called micro-spheres which are small enough to penetrate quickly to the deep skin layers and deliver the ingredient directly to skin cell nuclei. Used on a regular basis, the wrinkle filler makes the skin smoother (85%*) by effectively replenishing moisture (70%*).

Global Transforming Skin Serum for Night

Global Transforming Skin Serum for Night use is a profound treatment for the skin which needs instant total regeneration, nourishment and revitalization. The ultraVITfactor complex composed of a unique blend of active ingredients essential for effective skin renewal helps to enhance the skin tone and instantly imparts a refreshed (96%*) and well-rested (89%*) appearance to the complexion. The serum restores comfort and has a soothing effect on the skin (89%*). It revitalizes and regenerates the skin, ensuring its optimum hydration (89%*). A spectacular rejuvenating effect (the appearance of wrinkles reduced by up to 37%*) is produced by active collagen which gives the skin the necessary inner support to restore suppleness, elasticity (81%*) and tightness (85%*). *Tests carried out at the In Vivo Research Laboratory of Dr Irena Eris Centre for Science and Research.

Even Tone Skin Enhancer SPF 50+

Even Tone Skin Enhancer SPF 50+ offers an unrivaled combination of advanced skin conditioning, excellent skin tone enhancing properties, and a very high level of protection from solar radiation and harmful external factors. The cream makes skin smoother and more elastic (89%*). The innovative patent-protected complex TiErgoTion strengthens the structure and stimulates the growth and regeneration of the epidermis. The cream shows RPF at very high level, RADICAL PROTECTION FACTOR = 1,5×1021. A unique blend of advanced UVA/UVB filters (SPF 50+) protects sensitive skin prone to discoloration and promotes its regeneration. The weightless cream formula containing delicate pigments which adapt to the skin evens out the skin tone (improvement by 81%*), giving you a flawless, radiant and natural-looking complexion. This is the perfect product for women looking for a comprehensive solution for their morning make-up.

Flawless Matte Finish Day Serum

Used as a make-up base or a light moisturizing cream, the advanced triple-action conditioning serum gives the complexion a flawless matte finish. The innovative formula refines and unclogs enlarged skin pores by significantly reducing sebum secretion (up to -46%*), normalizing the exfoliation process, and effectively removing dead cells. Day after day, the appearance of skin pores is minimized, and the skin becomes smoother (84%**). Advanced stable multivitamin and anti-oxidant complexes contained in the serum promote self-regulation of skin’s natural function and metabolic processes, significantly enhancing skin structure and tone.

Revitalizing-Moisturizing Cream

This unique conditioning day cream contains an innovative patent-protected MULTI.VIT ENERGY Complex which provides intensive anti-wrinkle and moisturizing care for the skin exposed to harmful environemental factors which affect its smoothness, suppleness and radiance. Thanks to the synergistic effect of silymarin and thioproline*, the cream benefits significant anti-oxidant activity and protects the skin from damage caused by free radicals. It has excellent anti-wrinkle benefits, which results as skin smoothness improvement and wrinkle reduction by 11% after 2 weeks of product use**. The active MULTI.VIT ENERGY Complex containing an optimal blend of stable vitamins required for the proper function of the skin makes the complexion firm and luminous. The skin recovers a healthy, well-rested and glowing appearance. The cream is an excellent make-up base. It is recommended for daily care for all skin types.