Few words about me

My name is Agnieszka but you can call me Agnes. I am almost 29 yo. Orginally I am from Poland but from 4 years I live at New Zealand. I am permanent resident of this beautiful country. I live here with my husban Ludwik and son Constantine. I finished school as hotel industry technician. My pasion is photography and makeup. I love work with people and for them.

About the owners and brand of Dr Irena Eris
The Dr. Irena Eris company was established on the basis of dreams, passion and hard work, and continues to develop thanks to all the people who have helped in its creation. The Dr. Irena Eris Cosmetic Laboratories was established in 1983 as a cottage industry with a single employee and producing a single kind of cream. Over twenty eight years have passed, and there is nothing left to remind one of the firm's humble beginnings. It now has 800 employees, produces a two millions units a month, has a range of several hundred cosmetic products and the Dr. Irena Eris brand is now one of the most highly valued and recognized brands in Poland. The following are the other values, which just as twenty years ago, so today are extremely important to the firm: High quality, reliability and honesty, respect for people, innovation and a modern approach to all operations. Dr. Irena Eris and her husband Henryk Orfinger are the firm's founders.
How and why do you need to take care of your skin?
A short note about taking care of yourself. If you will look good, you will also feel better :)